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History / Benefits of Support

Since its inception 30 years ago, Hoop It Up has been recognized as the world's largest and most prolific grassroots 3x3 basketball tour with millions of worldwide participants. As the game continues to grow and evolve stateside it is now that the 3X3 HBCU Challenge invade our beautiful state. The recent 3X3 HBCU Challenge showcased the students of five HBCU colleges and universities throughout the state of South Carolina. Each participating HBCU had the opportunity to host a 3x3 intramural tournament on their campus. Your brand/company will have the opportunity to be visible for all fans to see and connect with. The 3x3 HBCU  challenge is expected to draw more than one thousand spectators throughout the weekend events-from the HBCU institutions. This opportunity will allow spectators to see your brand/company banners, visit your brand/company kiosk and purchase merchandise throughout the championships. Over the 5-week campus tour, we had over one thousand spectators from the combined institutions to walk in and out of the doors throughout the duration of the challenge. The students, alumni and staff of each institution will have the opportunity to visibly see your brand and greet your staff. Your brand will have the opportunity to have a promotional tent on site for promotional usage and sales. The goal of the challenge is to provide exposure, resources and opportunity for the participating students and the HBCU institutions.


The ultimate 3x3 intramural Challenge


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